Entrepreneur’s Insights – Interview with Rafael Badziag, the “Billionaire Magnet”

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Cleantech Geek Entrepreneur’s Insights Series – At this series I will be talking with inspiring Entrepreneurs from our world. We will be discussing about various topics and issues, giving their points of view, sharing their experiences and personal leanings.

At this video I am discussing with Rafael Badziag. Rafael, is a pioneer on e-commerce. He started one of the first successful e-commerce sport related platforms before the .com rise. He then invested in cryptocurrency and domain names amongst other interesting ventures. Despite his success, Rafael did something remarkable. He embarked on a journey to interview and learn from the Billionaires of our generation. Through the process, he tried to unlock the secrets behind their Entrepreneurial Mindset and success. In this interview he talks about some of the learnings and experiences of his journey, gives valuable insights and shares with us the launch if his book: The Billion Dollar Secret: 20 Principles of Billionaire Wealth and Success.

Don’t miss this video with the “Billionaire Magnet”.

Rafael, talks about his background, his successes and failures and how he decided to embark in this almost impossible journey of finding and interviewing 20+ Billionaires of our day. He shares some of the lessons he learned and also discusses about the difference in mindset which is a common denominator across all billionaires.

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