From Invisible to Visible

Do you have an idea that would make the world a better place? Do you have a ground-breaking technology that would revolutionise the energy sector and help the environment but cannot take it off the ground? IMPACT is built for you.

The entrepreneur. The innovator. The visionary.

We will assist you with value creation inside your company, teach you the fundamentals to success and all those practical skills you haven’t learnt in business school. Get ready for an exciting journey with like-minded entrepreneurs, inspiring mentors and loyal customers lining up to buy your product.

To participate in the programme you will need a referral by an angel investor or VC. Not there yet? Don’t worry. You can book a strategy session with one of our team members, were we assess your business model, vision and goals. If you are successful you will then receive an invitation to join the programme.

The IMPACT methodology is an acronym and covers the following:

I –   Ideation. You have an idea, but is it the right idea for business? Work on how to structure your ideas and develop a robust plan that will enable you to create the right business for your idea. Have you already started? Ask the right questions and reshape your ideas to design a better business.


M – Market Definition & Brand Strategy. Understand and define your market. Know your clients, understand their problems, develop a comprehensive profile that will help you build an effective brand and communicate the correct messages. Develop your brand or re-think your existing one.


P –  Product & Services Design. Clarify your client’s journey, develop a methodology and a delivery process. Design products and services addressing the correct audience. Develop the right product ecosystem and put in place effective pricing strategies.


A –  Associations & Partnerships. No business can survive without building long lasting associations and partnerships with other businesses. Understand the moving parts with your business. Get clarity around your supply chain and develop win-win partnerships with people and company’s aligned with your goals and ethics.


C –  Communication in Practise. Learn the practical skills to build an effective communication strategy for your business. Understand and navigate the right physical and digital communicational channels. Work on provide messages to the right audience, with clarity. Amplify your messages and understand where and how to better utilise your budget.


T –  Trade and Sales in Practise. Sell, Sell, Sell! Create an effective sales plan, develop your sales system and the sales tools you need to increase your conversion and closure rate. Develop, processes that you can easily use in your business and that will drive a repetitive sales cycle.


Once successful, companies will have the option to progres to ANGEL training especially if they are looking to raise capital.

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6 - 9 months over physical sessions


Boardroom size with like minded entrepreneurs


Serial entrepreneurs
Startup mentors
and angel inventors


6 hours of 1-2-1 sessions


Access to invitation onlygrowing community and exclusive business services and resources


From Visible to Investable

Have you just graduated IMPACT and striving for more? ANGEL is the roadmap to investment readiness. This invitation-only programme bridges the gap between the two sides of the most powerful equation: Investors and Entrepreneurs.

The persistent. The life-long learner. The ambitious.

These are the attributes we are looking for. Through roundtable size sessions, you can expect to scale fast, increase your company’s valuation, refine all aspects of the product and receive smart capital money from investors aligned to your vision.

To participate in the programme, you need to successfully graduate from IMPACT and get invited directly by our team. In the meantime, you can attend one of our workshops, acquire a new skill and get to meet us in person.

The ANGEL methodology is an acronym and covers the following tenets:

A – Acquire the right Mindset. This is the one facet that you have quite likely not learned about in school.  It is most important since at any early stage of development of a company, the investors will be investing in the entrepreneur as much as in the idea. Hence, depending where you come from, having the right mindset makes a big difference in whether you will be able to secure funding or not. The acquisition of the right mindset underpins my whole methodology.

N – Navigating business basics builds on having acquired the right mindset, which on its own would be insufficient from an investor perspective. In this phase of the methodology, we will be discussing why cash flow is the first and most important indication to gain funding, how to pay close attention to the proper ratios that make you highly investible.

G – Generate branding is an increasingly important component as the eyes of the world as we are on 24/7 and 100% of the time. It’s vital to establish a personal brand that is supportive or consistent with your product brand. Every single action taken in today’s social media world will be kept as a record of ourselves forever and so we need to ensure that every interaction we have is meaningful and is aligned with our values and with the vision you have for your company. Remember, it’s not just your customers looking at you when you are not around, but your investors as well.

E – Execute marketing underpins the importance of knowing how (and why) you need to market and sell your product, otherwise your product is of no value. By having a minimum viable product to present to your potential investors shows traction and commitment.  Showing that selling is your priority to ensure cash flow is a small insurance against the odds that all startups face.

L – Line up funding is the end goal of the methodology; it follows a process by which the entrepreneur has built up a mountain of value that your investor will be able to look at with confidence and be enthusiastic enough to fund. This is where we discuss the importance of using drawing up an inspired business plan and a dynamic business model.  Let the investors see where you want to go and why, and they will follow.

Once successful, companies will have the opportunity to arrange meetings with investors.

At this stage we help startups organise a roadshow. There is also availability of a Virtual Board at a discounted price.

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6 months over physical sessions


Roud table, intensive training sessions


Participation to a growing, invitation only, community


6 hours of 1-2-1 coaching with every participant. Access to mentors suited for your problems


Detailed workbooks and accountability working groups with peers

Become A Tinker.Join a resourceful and helpful community

Our network is invitation-only, for all our programme participants.