Accelerator? Not really Venture Studio? Close but not quite

We like to call ourselves a hybrid.An ecosystem that engineers venture hyper-growth projectories

At Venture Tinkers, we enable innovation and unlock business value by offering our resources, expertise and extensive network of connections to founders of purposeful businesses. We believe our multi-disciplinary approach is essential to bring together all the skills needed to build strong, profitable and successful brands.

As part of our specialised services, we offer teams that lack internal capabilities complete packages on digital marketing, branding, design, product development, market creation and geographical expansion. We operate across a broad range of commissions & media, with an integrated approach to brand identity and strategy, communication design, advertising, digital experiences, packaging and branded environments.


We are on a mission to energise impactful ventures, guiding passionate entrepreneurs through the strenuous process of growing their company to magnify positive contributions to the environment and society, while boosting profitability. Our role is to establish successful connections for both sides, matching start-ups with smart capital money, and investors with companies that not only do not fail, that succeed.

We set a mutually beneficial breeding ground to fuel meaningful interactions, adding an extra layer of support before the internal due diligence process. In many cases we co-invest alongside our dedicated supporters. Now more than ever, investors feel the need to diversify with purpose and to make a difference in their geographies. Our work is aimed at matching the two sides of the most powerful equation: Investors and Entrepreneurs.