Speaking Engagements

Our founders are invited to participate in many different conferences internationally. We are excited to motivate and enable people by communicating our vision and disseminating our cumulative knowledge.

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Services for Entrepreneurs and Startup Companies

Personalise your experience with programmes tailored to your needs

Individual Strategy Session

To ensure we are aligned with your goals and vision and to address any eminent issues, we would like to take you through a Strategy Session. During the individual sessions, you and your team can expect to test your assumptions, explore different ways to market your product and build a solid idea around your financials and valuation.

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Our sessions will last for a minimum of 2 hours, giving us enough time to go deeper into what matters for you the most. The sections we will cover are entirely based on the stage you are at and the areas you would like to address.

Bespoke Coaching

Paths you can choose from:

i) Acceleration– stress test your ideas and get strategic advice on any issues your company is currently facing

ii) Investment Preparation- structure a lucrative investment proposal and deliver a winning pitch

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Using tools to assess your company’s current performance, we will structure a completely customisable coaching plan to match your needs. We are happy to provide you with more information on bespoke coaching. Get in touch and we will send you a brochure to explore your options further.

Annual Growth Coaching

Your go-to mentors to safeguard success and grow your clients network

Grow your company to its full potential by receiving unrivalled support and advice from serial entrepreneurs and experienced investors.

You will get all the support, mentoring and guidance you need for the next steps of your entrepreneurial journey.

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From strategic advice to business development and feedback on your next move, we are able to assist you every step of the way.

We are happy to provide you with more information on annual growth coaching. Get in touch and we will send you a brochure to explore your options further.

Non-Executive Advisor

Especially while your company scales up, a Board of Advisors becomes vital to safeguard continued growth and brainstorm new ideas from a different perspective. And the best part is that we structure with you the tools and the processes so we can interact from any part of the world or the comfort of your home.

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Not only will external advisors assist you with developing your network further,  but they will also provide a new dynamic and a degree of consistency in the business, rendering the proccess of raising the next funding round less challenging.


Services for Investors

Invest in companies that are not prone to fail

Investing has moved into a different realm.  Our intent is to serve two different categories of investors: Investors who wish to invest in impactful startups but do not have the time to invest in the due diligence needed to de-risk these kinds of investments,

and investors who are accustomed to investing in startups and are now looking for the right impactful companies in order to leave a legacy that transcends generations.

Investment Safeguarding

Thanks to our extensive selection and to our scientifically based formula to investibility, we not only allow a significant de-risking of your investment in the startups that graduate from our program, we will take equity position in the same companies, hence guaranteeing a hands-on investment safeguarding. 

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By sitting on the board of directors of the companies, we are always part of the decision-making process and our experience is put to practical use in the scaling up of the companies.


Affiliate Services

Tinkers Tribe

Venture Tinkers are partnering with like minded organisations to provide additional services to entrepreneurs and companies that have become part of the Tinkers Tribe

The affialiated service are there to help you with critical practical elements of your venture creation and company building process.

Benefits for the Tinkers

If you participate in any of the Venture Tinkers Programs you get an automatic special price on all the affiliated services.

Contact our affiliate partners directly or contact us to help you identify the right services and packages that you need to built your venture.

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Become Visible

Branding Strategy

Create your Identity. Develop your Logo and Brand.

Marketing Toolbox

Design and Produce your digital and print tools – Creation of the starter Pack – Website, Brochure.

Communication Starter

How to become more visible and utilise Social Media - Built your social media profiles. Create your offering and pitch videos. Learn the basics. Learn how to generate content.