Common Questions

Before you are invited to participate in our IMPACT and ANGEL programmes, you will need to successfully complete all the required steps. We have created a detailed document outlining the whole process. Our step-by-step engagement approach ensures that we have the time to know each other and establish a framework which allows you to maximise the value you get and us to further assess whether your idea and company aligns with our goals and values.

We have built a dedicated page with a breakdown of both Methodologies. Click here to find out more. You can also download our IMPACT and ANGEL brochures by visiting the Resources page. Lastly, if you would like to learn more about the Venture Tinkers founders, make sure to download their Speaker Profiles here.

At Venture Tinkers our goal is to energise ventures that can demonstrate positive impact to the environment, society or economies. This kind of positive contribution can take many different forms, from job creation in the local communities to energy generation using renewable resources. Other examples include tackling inequality and donating resources to people in need. If you are unsure whether your idea or business qualifies, you can check the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a framework that can help you put things into perspective, identifying the areas your startup can help make the world a better, more inclusive place. You will find the UN Sustainable Development Goals here.

Mentorship is a core component of our programmes and our goal is to bring the participating companies in touch with industry experts to network and learn from their experience. Our mentors are well connected, and you can expect powerful introductions to their business network, possible synergies or even potential partnerships. To get an overview of the participating mentors (and start getting excited) we will announce their names for the next cohort of IMPACT before the programme starts.

To make our programmes affordable for startups, we have put in place different payment options to suit your needs. From monthly installments via Paypal to one-off bank transfer, our team is here to provide more details about the available options. We are also exploring the option of providing financial aid and/or scholarships to some of the participating teams, so make sure to get in touch if you are interested to learn more.

As a prerequisite you will need to complete an introductory course on how to deliver a winning pitch in under 5 minutes. This will not only help you create more structure around your idea, but it will also prove valuable whenever you have the opportunity to speak to investors about your company. We expect you to use all the lessons learned from the course when you create your 5-minute pitch for our Fact-Finding call. Feedback will be provided.