The Trap of Pitching for Investment – Why you should Start selling & Stop pitching

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This presentation is conducted by our partner, Ypatios Moysiadis and uploaded on his personal blog. Make sure to check out the blog for interviews, opinions and insights on sustainability and entrepreneurship! Combining articles, video and podcasts he intents to provide the stage for creative thinking and constructive discussions.

At this video I am presenting about a common mistake that many early stage startups do. We see more early stage startups concentrating on pitching for investment, running from pitching event to pitching event and completely neglecting sales, which is the only thing that will sustain them and allow them to grow. Furthermore market validation through sales is guaranteed to bring in investors. I am also giving away practical examples and tips for sucessful sales. So my advice, before you start looking to raise investment capital, validate your idea through the market and start selling! Big thank you to Daniel Priestly, Andrew Priestly and the Dent Global team ( for their support and executive training over the past 12 months.

Event: START-UP Pitching Workshop: 11 September 2019 | City University, CASS Business School Organised by: Hosted by: CASS Entrepreneurs Network Presenter: Ypatios Moysiadis – Cleantech Geek – Coach, Mentor, Angel

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